Sleep Bar by eScential Wellness Review

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Hey guys! As some of you may know I have a 2 year old daughter & just had my son on March 1st. So with a toddler & a baby it can be a bit difficult to get some sleep. Sometimes it's because I am overtired or just because I've gotten up so many times throughout the night to change/check on my son or if my daughter has a bad dream. So using this really & I mean REALLY helps.

Holographic collection from Trust Fund Beauty Swatches & Review!

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Hey guys! Today I have a super fun post for you. This post will contain my swatches & opinions on the new Holographic collection from Trust Fund Beauty!
Trust Fund Beauty is a Canadian indie brand that sells 5 Free/Non-Toxic (if you don't know what 5 Free means Click Here) & Cruelty Free nail polishes. All of their ingredients come from Denmark & the USA (If you're interested in checking out their ingredients Click Here). So this is a company I am very glad to share with you, because even tho the price is a bit more then your drugstore polish & less than a high end luxury polish, you know there's no harmful chemicals & you still get a gorgeous selection of shades & finishes.

So now that you know a bit about the company & products, let's get into the swatches.

Women by Gian Marco Venturi & Marina Yachting by Marina Yachting from Review

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Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well. Todays post is gonna be a fragrance review. One of these reviews is mine & the other is my husbands. These are from, so make sure you check them out because they sell a lot of genuine perfumes that are discontinued & hard to find! So the perfumes that are featured in this post will be  Women by Gian Marco Venturi & Marina Yachting by Marina Yachting. So let's jump right in.

Revlon Killer-Watt lip gloss

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Hey guys! This post is gonna be a review on the Revlon Killer-Watt lip gloss from the new Electric Chrome (The Amazing Spiderman 2 collection). So lets get right into the lip swatches.
Love the spider web on the lid!

Red Apple Lipstick High Def Lip Gloss - Pink Lady

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Hey guys! Today's post is gonna be a lip product review. & To be more specific a Lip gloss from Red Apple Lipstick in the shade Pink Lady. I love what this brand stands for. It's all about amazing quality products without all the unneeded harsh chemicals such as Lead, Synthetic Fragrances & Parabens. This company provides consumers with products that not only look good but don't have any sketchy ingredients so you really can't go wrong. So now onto the lip gloss itself.

Color Secrets Pro Extreme Sheen Smoothing Lip Gloss Coral Punch

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Hey guys! This post is gonna feature a lip gloss from the company Color Secrets Pro. So lets jump right into the swatches.

Rimmel Apocalips Phenomenon Review & Lip Swatch

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be on the Rimmel London Apocalips in the shade Phenomenon. So lets get right into the swatch & review.
Rimmel Apocalips Phenomenon

Modern Minerals Eyeshadow Review

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Hey guys! This post is gonna be a super fun post. It's a product/company review as well as showing you the eye look I created with the products & a GIVEAWAY! YAY! So lets get started!

The company & product that will be reviewed in todays post is Modern Minerals & they sent me 3 of their eyeshadows & 3 of their eye brushes. So this is how the package came. ADORABLE shipping packaging !

Made from Earth Peppermint Herbal Conditioner (Organic, Holistic, Chem-free)

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Hey guys! Today's post is gonna be a review on a Natural Chem-free Organic Hair Conditioner from the company Made from Earth. So let's get started!

Heitman Cosmetic Company Geranium & Bergamot Face Cream Review

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Hey guys! Today's review is gonna be on a face cream from Heitman Cosmetics Company. & This is gonna be slightly different from my normal reviews because well this product didn't work for me, so I gave it to someone with normal skin since mine is somewhat sensitive. So let's get right into this.

So when I used this, I'm gonna fully admit... I did NOT use it for a long time. I used it for about 2-3 days. After the first time I used it I noticed it felt very heavy & my skin just felt uncomfortable, if that makes sense. Then after the second & third time it irritated my skin more & more. I started to notice red spots & around day four I'm pretty sure there were tiny bumps on my face because of it. & this was the only new product I was using on my face at the time.

Demeter Fragrance - Marshmallow Review

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Hey guys! Today's review will be a Fragrance review from Demeter Fragrance Library. This company is super amazing & has such a vast variety of scents. Some... okay well most are slightly abnormal compared to the scents other companies make. However that is exactly why I love them. So on to the Fragrance itself. 
The scent is supposed to be Marshmallow and it does sort of. & What I mean by sort of is I don't think it smells at all like the original white marshmallows when you first spray it, it's very strong & concentrated. However after a bit of time it changes & becomes more subtle & smells more like marshmallows. I must admit I kind of have a slight addiction to smelling marshmallow bags & so I mainly got this to feed the fix when I am craving marshmallows & they're unhealthy yumminess. So this is perfect for me once it dies down because in the beginning it smells wonderful & sweet but not like bags of marshmallows in my opinion. 

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Aleva Pacifier & Toy Wipes

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend! Today's review will be on one of the best baby products out there. This review will be on the Aleva Pacifier & Toy Wipes. So lets get right into it.

So first off I am gonna say I love everything about this company. I love how they make products that do what they're supposed to while being made from eco-friendly & natural ingredients & products. 
& now for the wipes, they're made of unbleached bamboo fibres that are biodegradable in 28 days. & contain organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile Oil as well as Lemon Oil! They're also super strong, so they don't fall apart while you're wiping off your childs toy, pacifier or bottle.

The pack contains 30 wipes which is a good amount & the package is the perfect size to keep in your diaper bag, purse or backpack & occupy much room. I don't know how many times I've been in a situation where I'm out & about with my daughter or son & they've either thrown or dropped their favourite toy or pacifier & the only think I could do was just pick it up & put it away because it was dirty from falling & I couldn't give it back to them. & trust me when that happened they would freak. So now I always have a pack of these with me & do my best to make sure I never forget them at home.  

I would highly recommend these to any mom, whether they're new or not. & especially to those moms out there who are looking for something that doesn't have a bunch of chemicals in the product & are just trying to live a more cautious eco-friendly lifestyle.

So not only are they super amazing they're also super affordable & cost around $3.50 - $4.50. 

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Swatches of the Electric Chrome (The Amazing Spiderman 2) Collection!

Hey guys! I was sent four of the Revlon Electric Chrome (The Amazing Spiderman 2) Collection! These polishes are all super gorgeous & not your average nail polishes, they all have another shade within them. With some you just have to catch in the right light & with some you can see it all the time. So lets get right into the swatches!! 

Canvas - Hand of the King Swatch

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Hey guys! Today I will be sharing my swatches of the polish Hand Of The King from Canvas. They are fellow Canadians & I am very pleased & honoured to be working with them! So the polishes in todays post is a gorgeous pinky purple berry shade with a beautiful holographic finish. & if you do not believe me take a look for yourself...
 As you can see even without the help of the sun, the polishes is still beautiful. Just like the application. The application was wonderful, & just my type of polishes too. Only needed two coats & it was fully opaque.

OPI Push & Shove swatch

Hey guys! I just wanted to share my swatch of the OPI Push & Shove chrome polish (=

Province Apothecary Parfum No. 26 Review

Hey guys! Todays post will be a Province Apothecary Parfum No. 26 Review so lets get right into it.

Remora iPhone Case Review

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be a product review on a iPhone case that is super duper handy & makes life just a bit more easier. So lets get started!

 I am always looking to make my life easier. I usually just leave my purse at home because it is just something extra to carry while juggling my busy life. This always puts me into a predicament when I am looking for my debit card and it is in my wallet at home. The Remora case is supposed to hold 2 cards plus some extra cash.

OPI - Hotter Than You Pink Swatch 2014 Summer Neons

Hey guys! Today my daughter wanted me to paint her nails so I did. lol
Here's her swatch of the new OPI Hotter Than You Pink. 

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Little Zebra Leggings Giveaway! Open worldwide!

Little Zebra Leggings Giveaway! Open worldwide!
Hey guys! I have a giveaway for you! This is sponsored by the company Romwe !
They will be supplying the shirt & mailing it to the winner

How to get:
1. Add a comment on the product page via Facebook account to show your love to the Tee My blogs name "IntensePolishTherapy" must be in the comment somewhere so I know that you entered the giveaway via my blog:
2.Tell me you have done it by leaving me a comment following this post.

3. Also please follow & like me via Twitter & Facebook

1 lucky winner will be picked 5 days later. 

Btw, the stripe leggings will be $15.99 on 24th April.  Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans10%offleggings  It’ll help you save another 10% for the leggings on 24th April.

OXY Emergency Acne Vanishing Treatment Wipes Review

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Hey guys! Today I have a skin care type of review for you. Most people have heard of the brand Oxy & they're available pretty much everywhere possible. So they have came out with this new product that are Oxy medicated wipes, which are perfect for your purse, gym bag or when traveling. These make it super easy & convenient to continue helping your skin while on the go or when you're super busy.

White Leather Double Loop Bracelet from BlingTings

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Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well & looking forward to the long weekend ! I personally cannot wait. I will most likely be sleeping the whole weekend since my husband will be home. This post is gonna be a product review on the White Leather Double Loop Bracelet from BlingTings
This bracelet costs $10.99 CAD
This bracelet is very pretty & is perfect for an everyday casual wear. Because the it is two very classic things (white & silver) it'll always be in style in my opinion. It's something you could buy for many different types of women such a your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend etc. It's gift that isn't too intimate & won't cost you everything in your wallet plus your left arm. So how can you go wrong with something that is super affordable, & made for anyone. 

If you're interested in check out their shop here is their website link:

If you're interested in following them on twitter & facebook here are those links:

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Crazy Factory Neon Earrings Revew

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be a earring review on the these cute Neon earrings from Crazy Factory
These are Diameter (mm) 5 & the colour purple.  They're a Neon Purple Spike Earrings. 
 I really love these cause... well they're purple.  They're not sharp & haven't poked or hurt me in anyway. They're also really good quality. The acrylic spike hasn't fallen off, & they haven't irritated my ears either. They also are super affordable considering they only costed $1.21. Which is an amazing price!

I would highly recommend checking them out!

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Trust Fund Beauty Press Samples Haul ! WOOHOO HOLOGRAPHIC POLISHES!

Press Samples

Hey guys! Today I am sharing the nail polish the company Trust Fund Beauty sent me. The polishes they sent me are the brand new HOLOGRAPHIC COLLECTION! as well as two sample trios which are also available on their site. 

"Our Holographic shades are extremely light reflective and absolutely fab! 
The woman who wears this type of polish is fun, flirty and likes to stand out! "
Left to Right

Moody Bitch, Bitch-ay, Life in Plastic

Snappy Socialite, Epic Tantrum, Hold The Drama

If your interested in placing an order use the code TFBS3 to get a sample trio for free with your order ! 

Don't forget to check out & follow them on social media sites!

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Romwe Sale!

Happy Easter day
Up to 75%off. Hurry up!
More than 1000 styles. There is always a suitable one for you! 
Start from Apr 15th, end on Apr 22nd.
Shipping within 24 hours.
By the way, the white lace blouse in 3D embroidery will be $11.99 on April 17th, save 64%.
Beginning at 1:00am GMT April 17th,
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Color Secrets Pro Nail Polish Swatches (Titanic & The Breakfast Club)

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Hi reader! This post will contain swatches of two beautiful polishes, from a company called 
Color Secrets Pro. They sell nail polish, make up & as well as fake lashes. 
So lets get right into it so I can show you the gorgeous colours.
Color Secrets Pro - Titanic
Color Secrets Pro - Titanic

Natures Brilliance by Sue - Mineral Eyeshadows

Press Samples

Hey guys! Just thought I would share some of the Mineral Eyeshadows I was sent from Natures Brilliance by Sue

From left to right 
Silver Snow, Smokey Pearls, Smokey Blue, Orchid Pearl Luster, Amethyst & Violet Brilliance

From left to right
Light Mauve Satin, Pink Pearls, Light Pink Satin, Pink Lemonade, Fuschia Fantasy & Be My Valentine 

I will be creating some eye looks with these & sharing them with you. If you have any colours you would love to see first, let me know. 

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Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer Swatches & Review

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be swatches of 3 Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer & also a review of how well they perform with the top coat & base coat that is meant to be used with them. So lets get started.