Etude House Peel Off Base Coat from Review

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Hey guys! Today I'm gonna be showing you the Etude House Peel Off Base Coat (#4) from the website & To help me show how it works the glitter polish I also got from W2Beauty & is the Etude House #117 (#17) glitter heart polish.

The Body Shop Lipstick Review

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Hey guys, I hope your weekends been good. So todays post is gonna be a review on The Body Shop Colour Crush Lips Stick in the shade 315 Coral Kiss (matte).  Now this did not look good on me whatsoever just because the colour didn't suit me very well so I did not include pictures of it swatched on my lips. So for this review I will just be sharing my opinion of the formula, so let's get right to it.

Lush Bunny Bubble Bar (Easter 2014)

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Hey guys! Anyone else super excited & inlove with the new Lush Items?! They're super good smelliness! & Are super adorable. I am a sucker for cutesy things. It's just my kryptonite.
Lush Bunny Bubble Bar (Easter 2014)
Lush Bunny Bubble Bar (Easter 2014) 

Crazy Factory Haul

Hey guys heres a haul from Crazy Factory

100% Pure Haul

Heres a haul from 100% Pure. All their products contain no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins. 

Lash Haul from Bikini Body Inc.

The Body Shop Eyeshadow Review

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Hey everyone this post is gonna featuring...
The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in the shade 201 - Melt My Heart
I really didn't know that The Body Shop sold makeup, I thought they only had lotions, body butters etc. lol Who knew?! Anyways let's get started! 

The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in the shade 201 - Melt My Heart
So as said before this is the shade 201 - Melt My Heart, it's bronze colour & has a shimmery finish. Super pigmented & is super soft. If you're to swatch it with your finger it feels like silk. It's a very high quality eyeshadow. Also because they don't spend an excessive amount on fancy packaging the price for the eyeshadow is very affordable.

Daylight swatch
Camera Flash Swatch

The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in the shade 201 - Melt My Heart
Coloured lenses are from AOneBeauty & are the Fusion Color Contact Lens(2Tone) - Turquoise
The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in the shade 201 - Melt My Heart
In the two pictures above I'm wearing the eyeshadow in the center & outer corner of my eye lid. As for on the bottom I used a bit of contact solution & used the shadow when it was wet for a eyeliner. The rest is a golden shimmery colour.

This shadow is super easy to work with. It blends very well & has a huge colour pay off. Perfect for everyday wear or even for a night out. It's super easy to use this colour during the day when you're at work then if you have a special occasion or dinner after you can always switch it up & darken it a bit & use it for more of a night on the town type of look.

 The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow comes in 25 shades & vary from Shimmer to Matte. The eyeshadows retail for $10.00 CAD. 

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iFaru Candy Cane Bath Caviar, Whipped Sugar Scrub Frosting & Whipped Body Butter.

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Hello everyone, today i'm gonna share these awesome Candy Cane scented body & bath products from iFaru. iFaru is ran by a wonderful women who makes all of her products! I believe all if not most items are made to order, so they're basically made for you with love. Anyways lets get into it, so I can start showing you these amazing things!

So first up is the Candy Candy Bath Caviar. Now normally I stay away from anything like this because most of the time they're a bit thicker & chunkier which makes them take a while before they fully dissolve. So without knowing it when you get into the bath you're either stepping or sitting on them which isn't fun & can be pretty annoying.

HOWEVER these are NOT like those. The product is much finer which allow them to dissolve much more quickly.  It's super relaxing, especially after a long day & I'm super stressed. It almost feels as if the salt is absorbing the stress & calming down my muscles. Most of the time I get out of the bath after using these I almost always want to just lay on the bed & go to sleep.

OMG so I have nothing but good things to say about this glorious product. Well first let me tell you what it is. It's a Candy Cane Whipped Sugar Scrub Frosting. Yes you read that right, but no you cannot eat it. It's a wonderful exfoliant & what makes it even better is that it doesn't strip the skin of it's moisture while it's exfoliating it actually moisturizes the skin.

Oh my goodness. This product is super duper moisturizing. I apply it right after my shower or bath & it works wonders. & I also apply it to any other dry spots during the day.

Also one of the amazing things about these is, they're all hand made. & They're made fresh with each order.
So another huge A+ for these products I love them ALL! 
If you see anything you like you can purchase them here

& if you're interested in liking their facebook you can do so here

The Body Shop Vanilla Eau de Toilette Review

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Hey everyone I hope your week went well & that your weekend goes even better.
Today I have an wonderful product to share with you. It is The Body Shop Vanilla Perfume. It actually has real vanilla extras which is a nice touch & perfect for summer . It retails for $15.00 CAD & contains 1.0 fl oz
This perfume smells very soft & gives you a warm feeling almost. It's a very pleasant scent. It's not over powdering or that cheapy fake vanilla scent. I'd say it's personality would be very delicate & simple. It's also not one of those super complex perfumes that have a ton of notes in it. The staying powder is pretty decent I wouldn't say it's long lasting but it also doesn't just fade away, it's somewhere in between. 
Perfect for someone who loves sweet/fresh scents.

Marina by Marina Yachting perfume from PerfumeParadise

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Hello everyone!
I hope you're doing awesome! Today I have a post featuring the Marina by Marina Yachting perfume that I got from Perfume Paradise.  Anyways lets get right into this super awesome smelling perfume. 

I don't know if anyone I knew wore this but it has one of those comforting familiar type of smells. It's a wonderful feminine smell that would be perfect for everyday. I enjoy scent because it's not very strong scent it's a pleasantly subtle smell. The perfect spring or summer perfume because it almost reminds me of the beach. There is a slight hint of rose which I actually enjoy. I am not a huge fan of floral scents that are very overwhelming but the hint of rose in this perfume is very enjoyable.

I do recommend maybe putting some in a traveling perfume container because the scent doesn't last a super long time. So you might need to reapply it. 

Top Notes: Water Lily, Orange, Water Notes, Fruity Notes
Middle Notes: Osmanthus, Rose
Base Notes: Musk, Virginia Cedar & Amber

The Body Shop Purifying Hand Cream in the scent Absinthe

Hello everyone! So this is product review done by my husband. I was sent this product to review however I personally cannot stand the smell at all. However my husband loved it. So I gave it to him & told him to use it for a while & tell me what he thought. So I hope you enjoy this post.

It's a good hand lotion in my opinion. It's very light & doesn't have that greasy/oily feeling. Very smooth formula that also absorbs very quickly . This is the type of hand lotion you'll want to use if your hands are super dry, as well to maintain soft hands or prevent dryness.

It sells for $20.00 normally, however it's on sale right now for 50% off. So if it's something you're interested in, now would be the perfect time to try it.

Manicure of the day

Hey guys! I just wanted to share my manicure of the day with you!

I applied three coats of OPI - Glints of Glinda & then did a reverse glitter gradient using Candy Lacquer - Block Party & then applied a top coat. (=
OPI - Glints of Glinda & Candy Lacquer - Block Party
OPI - Glints of Glinda & Candy Lacquer - Block Party
OPI - Glints of Glinda & Candy Lacquer - Block Party
OPI - Glints of Glinda & Candy Lacquer - Block Party
OPI - Glints of Glinda & Candy Lacquer - Block Party
OPI - Glints of Glinda & Candy Lacquer - Block Party

Hollow-out Lace Crochet Black Blouse Giveaway! Open worldwide!

Hollow-out Lace Crochet Black Blouse Giveaway! Open worldwide!
Hey guys! I have a giveaway for you! This is sponsored by the company Romwe !
They will be supplying the shirt & mailing it to the winner

Giveaway Worldwide
How to get:
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3. Also please follow & like me via Twitter & Facebook

1 winner will be picked 5 days later.  Good Luck!

Btw, the lace blouse will be $11.99 on 27th March. Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans10offblacklace  save another 10% for lace blouse on 27th March.

14kt White Gold & Cubic Zirconia earrings from!

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Hey guys! So I wanted to share these super cute 14kt White Gold & Cubic Zirconia earrings! These were provided for me to review by Bling Tings. Which I appreciate so much. & Because these earrings aren't made of a cheap metal they don't irritate my ears by making them red & itchy. They're also super cute & classy. 
So on the website they look like they're slightly bigger, just because if you compare the earring backing to the crystal they look the same size. However in person the crystal is slightly smaller. However it does have the measurement on the page, so it was my fault.

They cost $26.99 which I think is super affordable for the amazing quality of the earrings.

Bling Tings Social Media Links:

Dorco Shai 3+3 Soft Touch™ 6 Blade System for Women Pictures & Review

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Hey guys! Today I have a seriously awesome unlike any other razor to share with you! Dorco sent me this razor to review & honestly I can't believe these aren't everywhere! So if you want to know why I love it so much, just keep reading.

So this is what the Shai 3+3 looks like in the package. The package is super simple & not too flashy. However I do enjoy that it shows a picture of the razor head on it. & it costs $5.95.

So as you can see it comes with 1 handle two razor heads & a razor holder that has a suction cup on the back so you can stick it on to a wall in the shower for easy access. I really enjoy that they include the holder because I hate when razors just lay flat, & the water tends to stay on the blades longer which causes the metal to rust & makes the razors life time super short.

So this is what the razor itself looks like, super feminine. & Has a rubber gripped handle. Which honestly helps my confidence when I'm shaving, especially when I shave the back of my legs.

This picture shows a close up of the 6 blades. And above the top 3 blades & under the bottom 3 blades you can see three pink strips which are actually lubricating strips that contain Aloe, Lavender Oil & Vitamin E. 

& I had to save the best for last but CHECK THIS AWESOMENESS OUT!
It freaking bends! Which is super awesome cause on each side of the bend you have 3 blazes. I seriously love this feature for when I'm shaving my underarms & behind the knee.

So I give this Razor an A++ & am gonna have to order some extra razor heads.

Also they were awesome enough to supply me with a 20% off coupon code for my readers!
20% off coupon code: SRSSI89M9
Expiration Date: 4/30/14

Which can be used on


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2014 Lush Easter Haul

Lush Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bar(s)
Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bar(s)
Weight: 147g 
Price: $12.95

Bunny Bubble Bar
Bunny Bubble Bar
 Weight: 79g
Price: $6.95

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt
Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt
 Weight: 108g
Price: $8.95

The Immaculate Eggception - Yellow
The Immaculate Eggception - Yellow
 Weight: 245g
Price: $12.95

The Immaculate Eggception - Yellow