Pretty & Polished - This is F$@‪#‎ing‬ Awesome

Hey guys! Today I have a beautiful glitter top coat to share with you guys! I was sent this so I can share it with everyone! & I must admit when I seen it I knew I had to wear it as soon as I took off my last manicure. & since I don't want to keep you waiting this wonder polish is...
Which is to be released August 3rd!

So here are a couple of pictures of how I work This is F$@‪#‎ing‬ Awesome.
 As you can tell I topped it over a plain creme (Wet 'n' Wild - French Manicure), that way it'll showcase all the beautiful glitters a lot better. & as you can tell is turns a boring white manicure into a F$@‪#‎ing party. It makes it so playful & fun. I cannot get over how awesome it is. & incase you can't tell what's in this beautiful polish, let me describe it to you. It's a clear base with neon blue, pink & green squares, small black holographic hexagons, black diamonds & last but not least super gorgeous fuchsia shreds.  Which all combined make a seriously eye catching polish topper!

*& sadly the air bubbles are from my top coat =( *

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Priti NYC Review! (You seriously need to check this out, this company is amazing)

Hey guys! Today I have a awesome review for you. The brand is called Priti NYC & they were kind enough to send me two polishes, a nail strengthener & the cuticle oil. So lets jump right in.

First lets start with the items that don't need swatches.

Priti Strong Nail Strengthener:  So far I have been using the nail strengthener about twice a week & I have really fallen in love with it. I've had such great results with it & to be honest I think thats why my nails got as long as they did. It does a fabulous job & I honestly have nothing negative to say about it.

Almond Cuticle Oil w/ Ginseng Root Extract: This product is so amazing. I can't even beginning to express my love for this cuticle oil. It's so, so amazing. It has helped my cuticles so much, they look a lot healthier, feel healthier & are a lot healthier. This is not one of those annoying cuticle oils that feel super thin, not very moisturizing & greasy. This actually feels amazing as it glides on the cuticles & skin. & When you rub it in, you can feel it starting to work. You feel it penetrating the skin & sinking in & it feels wonderful. & the smell oh my gosh. I cannot get over the smell. It's so relaxing & smells so aromatic. I just adore this & this is something I will be purchasing either just before or as soon as I do run out. It's just an glorious product.   

Soy Polish Remover Wipes - 10 Count: These are amazing! I cannot get over how great they work. This product is absolutely FABULOUS! When I power-swatch I'll use acetone to take off all the polish except for the last one then I bust out one of these bad boys & it leaves my nails & cuticles looking great, as if I didn't take off 10 polishes prior to it. It doesn't take a lot of work, the material they use is awesome it's super strong & doesn't start to rip or tear. & You only need 1 of them for both hands, which I love! I would highly recommend these to anyone seeking a non-acetone polish removing system.

Lady Betty Balfour: Ugh! Such a beautiful shimmering polish! I really enjoy this colour. Now I must admit this polish doesn't look like it does on the site, in person. I do not regret picking it because it turns out I love how it looks more in person than it does on the site. Also it's pretty opaque, I used coats for complete opacity.

Monkey Puzzle: This polish is incredible. I adore everything about it. I love the blue polish & the holographic scattered. It's super great to work with & only needs 2 coats! I am so inlove with it! 

[ Overall Opinions ]
I love everything about this company, they are truly fabulous. Their products are of excellent quality. They're also Cruelty Free & Vegan friendly. & Also they have a link on their website which allows you to send in your old used nail polish that you don't want or use to recycle it & dispose of it properly. Which helps out the environment! I just love this companies attitude toward business & how they put their products & brand out there in a classy, & environmentally friendly way. Which is ALWAYS a huge plus in my books !! 

Interested in some of their products? 
They're having a 30% off sale, so go check them out!! 

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KKcenterhk Stamping plate & stamper Review

Hey guys! Today I have a review for you. It is a review for KKcenterhk. They were wonderful enough to allow me to review N.NAIL France Cross Lace Dot Bow Flower Heart Stamp Plate [NNAIL-SPPQA27] I really love all the designs on this stamping plate. So lets get started with the review.

 First I applied a base coat & then a base colour. The colour I have used is Essence Sunset Paradise.

 Here is a picture of the Stamping plate & the Stamper. The stamper does not come with the stamping plate however you can find it here.

As you can see I put a different design on each nail. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my thumb. So to stamp with I use Max Factor Dazzling Blue, which as you can see is a beautiful blue polish that shifts colours.

So when I was stamping I noticed that my plate is a defected plate, so I am not saying ALL of their plates are like this. However the one I received sadly was. As you can see in the picture of the stamping plate where there is supposed to be spaced out polka dots two are connect, which makes me think that may be why some of the other images didn't turn out so well on the nail.

However I am positive if you are a customer, & you receive a plate like so, if you contact their customer service they will make it right. Also I must add I am still a stamping beginner so I do need a lot of practice. Anyways now for some of the images, as you can see in the pictures not all of the images picked up properly in some spots. I had 4 images that didn't pick up properly however the rest picked up beautifully. & In all honestly I really do enjoy the plate. & the images that did turn out well.

Now for my thoughts on the stamper.
I really do like the stamper, it works perfectly & is a lot alike to my Konad stamper. It works the exact same way as my Konad & in my opinion is just as good. & A lot less pricier than the konad.

Overall thoughts
I really love this company they are wonderful, & carry such an amazing variety of products. They are all very affordable which is greatly appreciated & are constantly staying on trend with new nail products. I will be contacting them about the stamping plate & post an update. (=

Here is their links if you would like to check them out. Also I will link both the stamping plate & the stamper.

Ooh La Lacquer - Hypnotize

Hey readers ! Today I have a GORGEOUS polish the share with you!
It was sent to me by Ooh La Lacquers (All the links are at the end of the post). This beautiful polishes name is Hypnotize & If you are interested in getting it, Click HERE. So I'm not just saying it's beautiful because I am a sucker for black & white, it's because it's so eye catching & so versatile! So lets get started.

In the two pictures above I am wearing nothing but 3 coats of Ooh La Lacquer - Hypnotize. Theres no base colour. & It's awesome I love it by itself. & It lasted a SUPER DUPER long time! I can't even begin to explain how long it really would have lasted if I didn't change my manicure after 3 days! I scrubbed the bathroom, did the dishes, you know basic house chores but WITHOUT gloves & is didn't go ANYWHERE! It stayed put! Which I love. & To remove it I used the foil method which made it very easy!

In this picture above I am wearing 1 coat of Wet & Wild French Manicure & 1 good coat if Hypnotize! & then on the ring & pinky finger I am wearing Orly Peaceful Oppositions. I got a lot of compliments on this manicure ! Which is always a good ego boost! Can't get enough of this one!

& Here on the picture above I have White on my thumb, middle & pinky fingers & then black on my pointer & ring finger. & 2 coats of Hypnotize over them. I really love this look as well cause it's so cute! they're perfectly opposites.

[Overall opinion]
I LOVE Ooh La Lacquer. I love the brand name & the polishes!! Just you wait till I show you the next 3 ;) 

Square Hue Tester/Review

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a wonder Canada day & a safe weekend ! So today I have a really interesting post for you. It's on a company called SquareHue they are a monthly nail polish subscription box. It's 15.00$ for your first box & then any box after that is 21.00$ per month (shipping is free) & each month they will send you 3 different trending nail polish colours. If you would like to know more or sign up go to

Anyways what is so interesting about todays post is that. I was their Canadian guinea pig. Yes they provided me with one of the subscription boxes, & once it arrived, I had to tell them how long it took, if there was custom/duty fees, & if everything arrived safely. So here is the results. I received the box in less than a week, may take a bit longer depending where you live in Canada. There was no custom/duty fees & everything arrived completely intact. 

With all the being said, I can now let everyone know they are looking into shipping to Canada. 
So heres what the June 2013 box look like.

Lincoln Road is a beautiful grey. It's a really nice light creme & it applies amazingly. In the picture above I used two coats.

Collins Avenue is a seriously bright orange. It's a neon creme orange that has a nice touch of shimmer to it. It's very eye catching & summery feeling.

Ocean Drive is a fantastic blue polish. It is such a bright welcoming creme colour. & I really really love this colour & I think it would be perfect for all seasons.

[Overall thoughts]
I really, really love this company. 1 of the things I adore about this brand is their packaging. No not just how they pack it to be ship but I even mean the bottle shape. So the first thing I love about the package for shipping is that each of the polishes are separated with something between them so the glass isn't touching. & then the fact that they sort of suspended in the middle of the box so they can't bounce around is amazing & on top of that they add package stuffing, so you know that they're gonna arrive safe.

& What I love about the polish bottles. I must admit I love squares. I don't know what it is. It could be the clean edges or just that all sides are even. Anyways aside from the shape I love the white label & cap. It just adds to the clean look the everything else has. Also the brushes are really good, they aren't to thick or to thin & the bristles aren't all wacky. Its a good brush.

So my overall opinion is... Why haven't you signed up yet?

Indigo Bananas Chill Out Swatches

Hey guys!
Today I have a beautiful review for you on a polish from Indigo Bananas. As you know I am a huge fan of them & adore every polish in their shop. So when it does come time to pick which ones I want. It is so hard. It's very difficult to pick a couple, from a bunch of beautiful polishes. So one of the ones I did pick was Indigo Bananas Chill Out. It is a super duper gorgeous glitter polish that contains a bunch of pretty white & iridescent glitter. Which makes it perfect for doing one of my favourite types of nail art. GLITTER GRADIENT !!!!!!

Yes I am going to show you a manicure I did using Indigo Bananas Shadow & Chill Out!

I really enjoy this polish mainly because it's beautiful, however I also love it because it seems the brush always has the right amount of glitter on it. & I love when I find a glitter polish thats like that.
So please if you don't own any Indigo Bananas' polishes you are truly missing out!

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Square Hue Ocean Drive Topped with Candy Lacquer Block Party

Hey guys, so today was super busy, & to be honest I didn't really wanna write a long post telling you about my day & then about my manicure. So I'm just gonna tell you what my manicure consists of & that's pretty much it. So I used  1 coat of Bullet proof strength by Nutra nail for my base coat, 2 coats of Square Hues Ocean Drive & then using Candy Lacquer Block Party I did a glitter gradient. & then topped it with my Face Stockholm Express Dry Top Coat. & That is it.

Happy Canada Day !

Happy Canada Day!! 
I have been very very busy lately & knew I wouldn't have the time or patience to attempt to do this with stamping & I wouldn't even consider the thought of trying to free hand it. So when my husband & I were doing our date night on saturday, we went to the super touristy part of the city. Theres always corny T-shirts, souvenirs, etc & I knew they would either have to have nail appliques or glue on nails. & As luck would have it I found glue on nails. They are seriously super quick to apply very appropriate for the occasion & really cute. I think the only thing is, is that I hate press/glue on nails they never feel right. However they will serve their purpose today & come off tomorrow morning. 

So what are you doing today? Going to see fireworks? Having a BBQ?