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L.A. Colors Swatches & Review

Hey guys, I know I haven't made a post for you in a week or so however, I have been extremely busy lately. Extremely. So I didn't have much time to write up a blog post, work on some back up blog posts & adjust to the new changes that have been happening lately.

So todays gonna be some swatches of some L.A. Colors, Color Craze polishes. They were kind enough to send me 5 shades of their nail polishes, 1 top coat, 1 base coat & 3 of the scented nail polish remover pads... well 3 packs that contain 32 pads for reviewing purposes. 

When swatching the 5 nail polishes, I didn't use the base coat or top coat. (Will answer why later) 
L.A. Color Phenomena
L.A. Color Phenomena 
This beautiful fuchsia is really pretty & vibrant. It was opaque in 3 thin coats, & has  finish that I can't really explain as matte or glossy, so it's somewhere in between there.

L.A. Colors Aztec Orange
L.A. Colors Aztec Orange 
The only way I think I could describe this is, a shimmery burnt red-orange. It's a very unique colour that is really hard to describe. It was opaque in 2 coats & the application was great.

L.A. Colors Blossom
L.A. Colors Blossom 
Blossom is a beautiful very versatile light pink shimmery polish. It's super sheer & in the picture above I used two coats. This polish is perfect for laying, it'd be stunning over almost any colour. Or you can just apply 1-2 coats & do a french manicure or something. It's a really fun polish.

L.A. COLORS Jewel Tone
L.A. Colors Jewel Tone 
Ahhh Jewel Tone... Where do I start? First of all let me say this polish is GORGEOUS. I love purple, blue & glitter so I highly doubt anyone could hate this polish! I think what I love most about this polish is that it's actually buildable. So it's not too thick. You can use it for a glitter gradient, do 1 coat over another polish or wear it by itself. Depending on which you prefer but you can either do 4 thin coats or 3 medium coats of polish, if you're gonna wear it alone.

L.A. Colors Wired
L.A. Colors Wired 
Wired is a very vibrant metallic like blue, it's super shimmery. I used 3 coats for this polish, it would have been perfect except I accidently nicked it last second & quickly applied another coat to try & smooth it out. With that being said, it was a perfect swatch BEFORE that happened.  & I would say that I adore this blue to no end.

Top Coat: This top coat was actually a pretty good top coat, on the bottle it says "Rapid Dry" however because of how affordable the price is I honestly didn't think that it would dry as fast as it actually does. Now there are some pros & cons that I have with this top coat so just let me explain. The one thing that I sort of don't like is that has a thin consistency. So when applying over a chunky glitter or regular glitter polish, it doesn't smooth it out as much as I would like. However I still love using it over a regular finishes. (smooth polishes... if that makes sense)

Base Coat: Now I think the base coat is the one thing that I wasn't really impressed with. It wasn't something that I would pick up if I ran out of the one have now. & To be honest I think it's because it's a creamy white sort of base coat. It's not a jelly creamy white that evens out when applied, but it's more of a streaky creamy white. I only wish to apply 1 coat of a base coat. I don't want to have to apply two coats or base coat to make it an even opacity, & I really don't want to apply a sheer polish over it because then you can tell that where there are bald spots. This is exactly why I didn't use it when swatches these polishes. Yes it would be wonderful if you're applying a while, light nude or greyish colour. However I don't think that it would go well under all polishes finishes.

Scented Non-Acetone Polish Remover Pads: Oh my gosh. I cannot get over these. I seriously love them ! The scents they sent me are Peach, Grape & Strawberry. I've already used up the peach & am currently using the grape & the strawberry has yet to be opened. However let me just tell you, these smell super incredible. Like they smell REALLY good. & While I'm using them or right after I don't feel like my fingers & nails have had the moisture taken from them. & as for the removing part, they're really good especially for being a non-acetone product. I've tried a couple of non-acetone removers that either barely worked or didn't work at all. & these were such a different story compared to others they removed the polish with ease almost. I took probably 2 of the thin pads to remove a cream polish, about 3 for shimmery polish & about 6-7 for a super glittery polish. Which to be awesome because they're not expensive. 

Overall Thoughts
Love L.A. Colours! They are a wonderful, affordable brand, that does have some really good products. Now they can be sort of tricky to find, I recently found some at a local independent dollar store. & If I were you I would be trying to find some L.A. color products where you live! 

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