My first Ruffian Manicure / Ceramic Glaze Tropical Guava & Blueberry Bubblegum

Hey guys, so lately I have been super duper in love with this guys voice. His name is Hobbie Stuart. He has such an amazing voice that I just had to share him with you. & To be completely honest I am addicted to his voice, as in I listen to it non-stop. lol Please don't think I'm crazy. 

Anyways back to the nails. :P
Today I have a beautiful manicure to share with you. I was sent some of the new Ceramic Glaze polishes are are a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive to do a review on. However I've been doing so many review posts that I just wanted to step back a bit & do some nail art. So Today I am more than happy to share my first Ruffian Manicure with you. I really enjoy this type of nail art. & It's super easy. 
So the colours I used were 
Ceramic Glaze - Tropical Guava &
Ceramic Glaze - Blueberry Bubblegum
So this pink was a big on the tricky side to photograph. It kept wanting to appear more neon than it really is. So in the first picture below is how it really looks & the second picture is what it kept wanting to be. lol. I love how they both look but I must admit the second picture is much for eye catching. Either way the manicure turned out great & the colours complimented each other very well. 

The application of this nail art was very easy, I applied two coats of Blueberry Bubblegum & once it was completely dry I using the same method that I use to normally paint my nails, did the same thing with the pink but just applied the polish about 4mm down from the cuticle. Then I applied my express dry top coat.

So I really hope you enjoyed check out my manicure! Please let me know what you think.
Have you done the ruffian manicure yet? How was your experience?

Revlon Colorstay Swatches & Review

Hey guys!
Today I will be sharing some swatches of 3 of the Revlon Colorstay collection that I was sent for reviewing purposes. So far I really love these and I think they are really good natural toned creme polishes.
So let's get started.

Revlon - Mocha
This is a beautiful light brown colour. The application was pretty good, I applied two coats & it was fully opaque. I really really love this colour. I would consider this to be my perfect brown. 

Revlon - Rose Beige 
This colour really says vintage pink rose. The application was amazing completely opaque in 2 coats, so smooth & workable. I cannot wait to wear this with a floral print over it. I really enjoy this colour.

Revlon - Porcelain
Ohh this nude jelly as hit such a soft spot. I loooovee light jelly polishes. In the picture above is 2 coats. It was slightly streaky but very easy to work with.

Overall Review
Love them! Well done revlon! I adore these natural looking colours. The formula on all of them was very creamy, smooth & very shiny !  I must say, I'm happy revlon polishes are very easy to find, considering pretty much all of their polishes are incredible !

Indigo Bananas Shadow Swatches

Hey guys! Today I have a wonderful post for you! It's going to be all about 1 super stunning polish. It's name is Shadow & the brand is Indigo Bananas. Indigo Bananas is available on etsy at (= I would highly suggest taking a bit of time & checking out her shop. You will not regret it, well you might cause her polishes are beautiful & you'll wanna buy them all. 

Indigo Bananas Shadow

Indigo Bananas Shadow

Indigo Bananas Shadow

Indigo Bananas Shadow

Indigo Bananas Shadow

Well folks, this polish is unbelievably wantable. As you can see the amazing colour shift from blue to purple is just so noticeable, you'll never want to take it off. It's so perfect for those people, like myself who are extremely attracted to cool colours. The application was awesome I used 3 thin coats to make sure it was even & completely opaque but you can use 2 good coats & it'll be pretty opaque still.

I really love this brand, they have lots & lots of amazing polish. Every polish that I have ever received to review has been truly epic. I've never been let down. & Unless you expect it to make your nails invincible or have magical properties, than I highly doubt that you won't love them.

So what do you think of this brand?
Do you own any Indigo Bananas ? If so how many? 

GG (Gabrielle Gyori) Couture Nail Lacquer Scented Polish Swatches & Review

Hey guys! Today I have a really really awesome product review for you!! They are gorgeous scented indie polishes! They are extremely pretty & smell wonderful. These we sent to me by the wonderful creator of GG Couture Nail Lacquer, Gabrielle! Anyways let's get started ! 

So I was sent Vivienne, which smells of Crisp Apple & Rose, & I Am Yours, which smells like Oatmeal Milk & Honey.

So This beautiful shimmery medium light green is Vivienne . & The smell it's so aromatic & soothing, as for the application it was pretty good.

 This is I Am Your, which is a beautiful perfect green jelly polish. I really really this one, the smell is very inviting & calming.  * Sadly I accidently got nail polish on the label & when I went to quickly wipe it off the black came off with it. So don't worry It didn't come like that :P

Overall Thoughts
I love these. & To be honest I enjoy that they have more of a grownup smell to them, instead of the typical candy smell. It's more aromatic & you could almost say therapeutic. The polishes themselves are stunning colours & the applications were wonderful. However I must be honest, there is 1 thing that I am not a huge fan of, it's sort of hard to explain. Have you ever painted your nails but had maybe a piece of sand or something roughly that size or smaller leave a little bump in your polish ? Well they both have those. I'm not sure what it is, or what's causing it. I'm about 99.99% that's not an air bubble either. However you can't really see them in the pictures & can barely see them after you apply top coat so they're not really all that noticeable, so I'm still willing to work with just because I enjoy the smell & look of these. I just wish that didn't happen.

Cult Cosmetics ROCK N' ROSES nail art kit review

Hey guys! Today I have a really awesome nail art kit review to share with you. I was sent 3 nail art kits from Cult Cosmetics. The kits they have sent me are Beach Babe, Rock 'n' Roses & Ombre Overdose. So Today I will be sharing my experience when using Rock N' Roses nail art kit.

The Rock N' Rose kit comes with the following items:
1 set of 3 nail art brushes
Essie Watermelon 
Essie Blanc
Essie Sew Psyched
Color Club Where's the soiree
& A Cult Cosmetics Sticker (=

To see the original look that this kit is built around please go to "

1.So the first step I did before anything was, applying a base coat. That way my nails are protected from yellowing & staining, the base coat is not included in this kit.
2. Paint two coats of Color Club - Where's the Soiree
3. Add tiny spots of Essie Blanc in random places on your nails. We'll be laying pink dots over the white ones, so the white will help make the pink polish more vivid. Place as little or as many dots where ever you choose. 
4. Using Essie's Watermelon, apply pink dots over the white dots.
5. Using Essie Sew Psyched & using the tiniest nail art brush, that came with your kit. Sort of in a swishing motion make tiny leaves. (Clean the brush with polish remover immediately after using, this will not only make it much easier for next time you want to use it but it will also have a longer life, when properly taken care of)
6. Mix a bit of  Essie Blanc & Essie Watermelon together on a disposable surface. Then using another nail art brush make tiny C, O & U shapes. 
& Finish with a top coat to seal in your design. (Top coat is not included in the kit) 

See It's VERY easy.

Overall Thoughts
In my very honest opinion, I absolutely love this company. First lets start with the price of the kits, they start at 10.99 and they end at 24.99. & No matter what kit you get, you'll be getting your moneys worth. for instance, the French Manicure kit costs 10.99 however you get 1 full essie polish (which in canada can retail as high as 10.99 alone, & then you get a nail art duo white polish, tip guides & some cosmetics sponges.
& in the Teen Spirit kit that costs 24.99 you really get your moneys worth. You get 3 Essie polishes, 1 Color Club, 1  Orly & some straws for nail art.

So I really love what this company is doing. They are making it so easy everyone to love try or do nail art. They're making  it very simple, especially because they're giving you everything you need to do a simple yet awesome looking manicure all in one kit. It's just brilliant.

& Shipping, ugh this is a super huge factor of why I love this company, all orders under 40$ is a flat-rate price of 5.00$, & all orders over 40.00$ is free. & This even includes CANADA !! I cannot get over how easy they are making this. I really love how they took the whole nail art community by storm.

I highly suggest this site, you will love them. & They have such a large variety of different kits to choose from. & it's not like you have to use that kit only for the 1 design, you can let your mind run wild doing different designs & patterns.  I just really think this company is gonna go super far, & honestly I can already see them having a huge impact on the nail polish & nail art community.

Also they have created a monthly subscription to find out more information & get 50% off your first box go to

& Your first box will $14.99 including shipping.
After your first box the price will be $19.99 + Shipping, of course you can cancel anytime you wish.
Also each month you will receive 

 3 Full Size Polishes
2 Tools / Accessories
There will also be step-by-step video tutorials on how to create 3 different looks. 


Check out this giveaway! This nail polish was inspired by the Medicine Wheel & Idle No More movement!

Guest post by TheLazyLaquerista

A Canadian Indie Lover's American Adventure
Hello Everyone!  I'm really excited to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on IntensePolishTherapy today!  I'm visiting you from TheLazyLaquerista.  As a fellow Canadian blogger and polish lover I wanted to share my recent trip to the US and associated indie haul with you.
I love indies.  There are just so many combinations of colours, textures and glitter that you just can't find in the big polish brands.  I also love to support small businesses when they make a great product.  However, if you live in Canada too... or really, anywhere outside the US... you know how expensive it can be to have things shipped to us.  When I found out I was going to visiting Washington D.C. with about a month's notice the first thing I did was contact the hotel to find out if it was ok to have small packages shipped there with the potential of them showing up before I arrived.  I was very happy when the response came back saying that they would keep them for me until I got there.  Time for a shopping spree!!  I think a lot of hotels are willing to do this so if you have a trip coming up and will have some extra room in your checked luggage then you have the chance to save some cash.
The first stop on my shopping spree was Neener Neener Nails.  They were conveniently (and still are) having a $5.50 full sized bottle sale.  How could I resist?  I ordered five bottles total, though one unfortunately broke in the mail.

I should mention at this point the awesome customer service I received from Annette at Neener Neener Nails.  All I wanted was a refund for the broken bottle since there wasn't enough time to ship another to the hotel and I know how much more Canadian shipping is.  She has sent me a replacement to my home in Canada and even offered to pay any customs/duty charges if there were any.  How amazing is that?  She went way beyond what I was expecting and I know I will be a repeat customer because of it.  Shipping within the States was $5.65.  Shipping to Canada would have been $12.80.  Total savings so far: $7.15.
Next up was Tough As Nails Lacquers.  I opted for the mini bottles so that I could try more colours for the same price.  I especially love the Come and See collection based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  I bought three out of the four colours from it.  Shipping within the States was $3.50.  Shipping to Canada would have been $14.  The total savings jumps to $17.65.

The third shop on my indie spree was Badass Nails.  They had a bunch of glittery holos that weren't overwhelmingly holo-ey that I wanted to try.  Again I opted for mini bottles so I could try more colours.  Shipping in the states for these guys was $7.  They don't ship to Canada at all so this was my only chance to get my hands on them.

Starry Earth is another brand that doesn't ship to Canada but who had a couple polishes that had caught my eye.  Even better they were having a sale when I ordered.  Another chance to try some polishes that I just can't get my hands on back home.

Last but not least I had to get some LynBDesigns polishes.  I already had a couple of her polishes that I love and wanted to try lots more.  Mini bottles and I are good friends now, haha.  LynBDesings does ship internationally but does so on an individual order basis.  I've inquired before and it would have been about $12 to ship to Canada.  Getting them in the states only cost me $6.  Total shipping savings climbs to $23.65.

So what can you actually bring back on a plane?  Right now the rule is no hazardous/flammable materials with an exemption of up to 70 fluid ounces for medicine and personal toiletry items.  These have to be in you checked luggage so make sure they're packed up in a way that they won't break.  Considering that an average full sized nail polish bottle is half an ounce, you could theoretically bring back 140 bottles (though that's going a bit overboard, even for me)!  I left all of my wrapped up in the bubble mailers they came in so that they would be safe on the journey home.  I'm pretty sure whoever x-rayed my bag got a good laugh at my suitcase which was a third full of polish.

Overall I saved $23.65 in shipping.  That's about 3 full sized polishes or 6 minis.  I also got to try a couple brands I wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise.  A lot of hotels will let you mail packages to them and some sellers will even hold off shipping your order until shortly before you get to your hotel.  So, if you have a trip to the US planned and want to bring back some polish souvenirs,  keep those eyes open for sales and check out some indie shops that don't ship internationally.  I can't wait to swatch and review every single one of the indies I brought home with me!  


Fingerpainting manicure

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Hey guys ! So this is gonna be a quick post. It was such an awesome unintentional manicure that I HAD to share it with you. So very recently my mother came down for a long visit so she could spend time with me & my daughter. So originally I painted my nails OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender on my thumb, ring finger & pinky. & Then Painted my pointer & middle fingers with Gargantuan Green Grape. 

Anyways... after a few hours passed, we were gonna do some finger painting with my daughter. However it got pretty out of control & my mother & I ended up getting paint EVERYWHERE! I mean all over us (including nails, hands, arms, hair etc.), the floor, a bit on the walls & some on my daughter. so when i say everywhere I really mean... EVERYWHERE.

I think one of the funniest parts was the fact that I had paint all over my arms, hands & nails so i picked up a paint bottle just so i could sort of mock myself.

So after I cleaned up my daughter & myself the paint was still on my nails. & I loved the way it looked & the memory of how I got it. So I applied some top coat & took some pictures. :P 

Of course you don't have to do exactly what we did & get paint everywhere, but it does make it more fun.

Anyways Take Care & Enjoy! 

L.A. Colors Swatches & Review

Hey guys, I know I haven't made a post for you in a week or so however, I have been extremely busy lately. Extremely. So I didn't have much time to write up a blog post, work on some back up blog posts & adjust to the new changes that have been happening lately.

So todays gonna be some swatches of some L.A. Colors, Color Craze polishes. They were kind enough to send me 5 shades of their nail polishes, 1 top coat, 1 base coat & 3 of the scented nail polish remover pads... well 3 packs that contain 32 pads for reviewing purposes. 

When swatching the 5 nail polishes, I didn't use the base coat or top coat. (Will answer why later) 
L.A. Color Phenomena
L.A. Color Phenomena 
This beautiful fuchsia is really pretty & vibrant. It was opaque in 3 thin coats, & has  finish that I can't really explain as matte or glossy, so it's somewhere in between there.

L.A. Colors Aztec Orange
L.A. Colors Aztec Orange 
The only way I think I could describe this is, a shimmery burnt red-orange. It's a very unique colour that is really hard to describe. It was opaque in 2 coats & the application was great.

L.A. Colors Blossom
L.A. Colors Blossom 
Blossom is a beautiful very versatile light pink shimmery polish. It's super sheer & in the picture above I used two coats. This polish is perfect for laying, it'd be stunning over almost any colour. Or you can just apply 1-2 coats & do a french manicure or something. It's a really fun polish.

L.A. COLORS Jewel Tone
L.A. Colors Jewel Tone 
Ahhh Jewel Tone... Where do I start? First of all let me say this polish is GORGEOUS. I love purple, blue & glitter so I highly doubt anyone could hate this polish! I think what I love most about this polish is that it's actually buildable. So it's not too thick. You can use it for a glitter gradient, do 1 coat over another polish or wear it by itself. Depending on which you prefer but you can either do 4 thin coats or 3 medium coats of polish, if you're gonna wear it alone.

L.A. Colors Wired
L.A. Colors Wired 
Wired is a very vibrant metallic like blue, it's super shimmery. I used 3 coats for this polish, it would have been perfect except I accidently nicked it last second & quickly applied another coat to try & smooth it out. With that being said, it was a perfect swatch BEFORE that happened.  & I would say that I adore this blue to no end.

Top Coat: This top coat was actually a pretty good top coat, on the bottle it says "Rapid Dry" however because of how affordable the price is I honestly didn't think that it would dry as fast as it actually does. Now there are some pros & cons that I have with this top coat so just let me explain. The one thing that I sort of don't like is that has a thin consistency. So when applying over a chunky glitter or regular glitter polish, it doesn't smooth it out as much as I would like. However I still love using it over a regular finishes. (smooth polishes... if that makes sense)

Base Coat: Now I think the base coat is the one thing that I wasn't really impressed with. It wasn't something that I would pick up if I ran out of the one have now. & To be honest I think it's because it's a creamy white sort of base coat. It's not a jelly creamy white that evens out when applied, but it's more of a streaky creamy white. I only wish to apply 1 coat of a base coat. I don't want to have to apply two coats or base coat to make it an even opacity, & I really don't want to apply a sheer polish over it because then you can tell that where there are bald spots. This is exactly why I didn't use it when swatches these polishes. Yes it would be wonderful if you're applying a while, light nude or greyish colour. However I don't think that it would go well under all polishes finishes.

Scented Non-Acetone Polish Remover Pads: Oh my gosh. I cannot get over these. I seriously love them ! The scents they sent me are Peach, Grape & Strawberry. I've already used up the peach & am currently using the grape & the strawberry has yet to be opened. However let me just tell you, these smell super incredible. Like they smell REALLY good. & While I'm using them or right after I don't feel like my fingers & nails have had the moisture taken from them. & as for the removing part, they're really good especially for being a non-acetone product. I've tried a couple of non-acetone removers that either barely worked or didn't work at all. & these were such a different story compared to others they removed the polish with ease almost. I took probably 2 of the thin pads to remove a cream polish, about 3 for shimmery polish & about 6-7 for a super glittery polish. Which to be awesome because they're not expensive. 

Overall Thoughts
Love L.A. Colours! They are a wonderful, affordable brand, that does have some really good products. Now they can be sort of tricky to find, I recently found some at a local independent dollar store. & If I were you I would be trying to find some L.A. color products where you live! 

Guest post by Maria from RedPolishOrBadPolish !!

Hello world!!!!
It's me Red Frog - Maria and I'm extremely happy to be here at Anita's place for polishes - thanks a lot,Nene!This is my first guest post and wow...feel so good.
I've wondered a bit what should I show you,guys,but the decision was easy to be made - the next of the Djeep series mani.Djeep series?Yes.I collect Djeep lighters and believe me they are a hell of a inspiration for nail art designs.This one here is from one of my favorite Djeep collections - look at those colors and the decoration.So 'me' believe me.The perfect mani I could ever show
as a guest..So no more blah blah - my nails,my style,Anita's blog.....
 What I've used for this design - OPI Stranger Tides - the greatest greenish grey in the world,Essence Color&go 23 Sundancer - gorgeous and strong yellow with a bit of orange undertone,Catherine Arley in a super sweet peachy pinkish number on the bottle/sorry/...and some acrylic paints.
All three polishes have truly great opacity - sleek as butter...calories free of course.
So without anymore talking - that's me...Enjoy,comment and be happy...
You can find more about my work at my own nail world at Red Polish or Bad Polish
                                                                                         See ya soon,

Guest spot by Krystal from Nailtasticfun :)

Hey guys,
Krystal here from . So, awhile back, the lovely Anita did a guest spot on my blog so when she asked me if I would do a spot for her, I was more than happy to return the favor! Only problem, Anita does such gorgeous work, its intimidating! Especially for someone like me who isnt the best when it comes to nail art... So, I tried to do a gradient, inspired by the lovely one she did one her blog, and it was a major fail:( Then I tried a splatter mani for the first time and that was also a major fail! The straw I used was way too big. SO, I decided to try out a tape mani:) I had done one before with some luck so....
Now, looking at my pictures, I should have used darker, more contrasting colors. I had a real hard time capturing my nails in pictures. UGH! So frustrating! LOL... But, I do like the way it turned out so....
First off, in case you don't know, a taping mani is a mani where you use stripping tape or regular tape to make designs on your nails. Usually just lines, which is what I did. It is super easy. Here is how you do it.
1. Paint your nails and let them dry. YOu need at least to colors for this mani. One on the bottom and one on top. (you can switch it around from nail to nail, if you like. So paint your nails and let them dry. Make sure they are dry! This is important or it will smudge. I actually painted them last night and did the rest today, just to be sure. You don't have to wait that long, but I didn't use a top coat so takes longer to dry.
2. Once your nails are dry, take your tape and place them on your nails in the patterns you want them to be. Here's a picture to give you an example. This is not from the mani I am showing you guys but it's from an older one and shows you how it should look.
I circled the spots where you can see the tape is lifting. You must avoid this!!! You will see, in my pictures, there's a few lil spots and it's because of this.

3. You could do one nail at a time, I guess but I find it much easier to put the tape on all fingers first. 

4.Next, apply your other color on top of the tape and WHILE THE POLISH IS STILL WET (not when dry, I had to ask to make sure I was reading it right, seemed odd to me but it's right) remove your tape, one at a time. If you have some tape overlapping others, make sure you remember what order you put them on and remove the ones on top first.

5. then, finish it off with a top coat. It's as simple as that and your results should look something like what I have to show:)
The two colors I used were Layla Hologram effect in "Purple illusion" and "Cloudy violet" Again, I wish I could have taken better pictures and captured them better. Like I said, I would definitely use more contrasting colors next time so that it really "pops"..

You don't really see it to the naked eye so much but those spots that you can see, that's what happens if the tape lifts , even just a bit, when you are putting polish on top

here's a close up of my thumb! This was my favorite. Love the way it turned out:)

here they are in the shade, can see the designs a bit more

So, that's that! I hope you guys like what I did. Like I said it's super easy and gives a nice look, especially for people like me who are artistically challenged:) Thanks to Anita for letting me be a guest. Don't forget to check out my blog 
and head over and like my FB page if you like what you see. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this:) Bye Bye  xxx