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Indigo Bananas Maui Swatches !!

Hey guys! Today I have a SUPER DUPER gorgeous polish to share with you! It's...
This polish was provided to me by the lovely Andrea who owns & operates Indigo Bananas. Anyways before I shut up I'd just like to ask that you go like her facebook page 
Okay now I'm gonna shut up & show you the swatches.
Indigo Bananas - Maui
Indigo Bananas - Maui
The application was beautiful, it application was very even & smooth. Once it was dry it has the slightest bit of texture, but it's not gritty. For all photos above I applied 3 thin coats. & 1 coat of topcoat.
I cannot get over the beauty of this polish. The colour shifts are just stunning, it's not like some of those polishes where you can only see the shift if you put it under water. It's shifts are so smooth too it almost looks as if it were a perfect gradient sometimes. It's truly an amazing especially with the holographic glitters. Now I know sometimes with some polishes the holographic glitters will just take away or distract how beautiful the base is but in this case they compliment each other very well. & It is very eye catching both in the shade & in the sun!

So what do you think of the polish? 
Do you like multichrome polishes with holographic glitter?
Do you own any Indigo Banana Polishes? 

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Holographic polish with black tips

Hey guys! I hope all is well, I am having a bit of a hectic week so I just wanted to share this quick post. 
The products I used are:
Barelements Base Coat
Jade Energy
Striping Tape
Konad Black Special Polish
& Barelements Top Coat

So to get this look follow these quick steps.
1. Apply a base coat
2. Apply a colour of your choice for a base colour
3. Take some striping take & place it where you want the tip colour to start.
4. Paint the tips the colour of your choice. 
5. Remove tape while the polish is still wet
6. Let dry & apply a top coat

Enjoy !!
Please let me know what you think!
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Idle No More! Be The Change! Native Pride Nails

Hey guys!
So today I thought I would share a manicure I did to show support for the Idle No More community & cause. I dont really want to try & explain just in case I say something wrong or explain it wrong. So to learn more about Idle No More please check out & you can also show support by liking their facebook page

This really isn't a tutorial or a step by step because it is rather easy.
However I got these nail tattoos from Fake Tattoos
& I am using the Be The Change! Part. 
I am also using a Black, Red, Yellow & White Polish & a base coat & Top coat.

Dripping Glitter Blood (Ceramic Glaze - Hong Kong Diva)

Hey everyone !
I am trying to work on some nail art & practice nail art that I haven't tried or not very good at. So I really wanted to try the dripping paint manicure. Of course at first I had no idea what polish to use for it but then I seen this colour on my nail rack & knew. I just knew that this is it. & then as soon as I finished the manicure & applied the top coat that I really wanna keep trying to perfect this. & Now all I can think was I murdered someone & glitter ran through their blood.

So This polish is Ceramic Glaze - Hong Kong Diva, it's absolutely gorgeous. & for the application all I did was dab a little bit on something disposable & used a toothpick.
I think it turned out pretty well but I still need practice.

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So how do you feel about this type of nail art?
Have you tried it, how'd it turn out?
Got any tips?

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Swatch, Nail Art & Review

Hey guys ! Today I have a review/nail art post for you. Yesterday I put up post, on a Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish however I wasn't allowed to share that with you guys until around august/september. Of course I didn't know, so when I found out I took it down. So today I have Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Spare-A-Mint.

This is a beautiful Textured teal creme polish, & it is so pretty, I applied two coats for it to be completely opaque. Even though it's a texture polish they applied with ease! & Taking it off is MUCH easier than glitter.   It's not super gritty, it's not scratchy & it's just textured. 
I am loving this whole texture trend!

Saly Hansen Sugar Coat Spare A Mint

Saly Hansen Sugar Coat Spare A Mint

So when Sally Hansen sent me these products oddly enough the black polish (Lick-O-Rich) did not come with a front label. However It's still a texture polish.
So what I did was I took a sponge & started to do a gradient over the teal texture.
& this is how it turned out.

Saly Hansen Sugar Coat Spare A Mint & Lick O Rich

Overall review
These are amazing! I love love love these. I love the whole texture trend & I love that they're a solid creme texture. & Of course Sally Hansen ALWAYS stays on trend & keeps up. They're always coming out with new collections that fit each trend perfectly. & The best part is you can buy Sally Hansen products at almost store. Application was awesome and taking off the polish was just as easy.

So what are your thoughts on the texture trend?
Would you pick up any of these?

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle Review

Hey guys today I have a beautiful swatch & review post for you. It's one of the new Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes. This polish is super cute & I am so happy to be reviewing it. So this polish is named Pink Sprinkle, It's a beautiful pink colour that that orangish gold flakies & glitters in it. LOVE the colour combination together!!

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle
Bottle Shot

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle
No Top Coat

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle
No top coat, top coat, no top coat, top coat

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle
Top Coat
This polish applied wonderfully. In this post I used 2 coats, but you can chose to use 3 for a more darker opaque look. As you can see this polish looks gorgeous with or without top coat!

Launch Date: July 2013

Are you gonna be picking up any of these new Sugar Coat polishes?
What do you think of them ?

How to- Gradient.

Hey guys!
So today I am gonna be doing a post on one of my most loved manicures EVER!
Now you may not know what I am talking about if you only follow my blog, but somedays when I don't feel like blogging I'll just post a picture on my IntensePolishTherapy Facebook Fanpage. & This was one of those manicures. Now everywhere I posted this a lot of people "liked" the picture & asked that I do a how-to post. So that it was I will do today.

So first you will need polishes (=
Yours don't have to be the exact ones I used, they could be similar or even different colours. It's really up to you. So the polishes I used are
 Wet n Wild White
 Essie Shake Your $$ Maker
 Essie In The Cab-ana 
 Essie DJ Play That Song
& You're also going to need a sponge.

So start off by painting your nails white. This allows the colours to really stand out & be more vivid.
Next starting with the green using the end of the nail polish brush I DABBED a medium size dot on the one edge of the sponge. 
Next using the blue I dabbed a "U" shape around the circle.
& then did the same using the purple.
I prefer to dab the polish on using the end of the brush so every time I go to reapply the polish, the lines will always be the same thickness. 

Once you have the polish on the sponge like so, then you want to line up the design however you want it to apply on your nail. I decided I want the green to be near my cuticles . I applied it once to each nail let it dry for about 5 minutes & then went in with a second application.

After the second application I cleaned up around my nails.

Now I am going to show you how I do my touch ups/3rd application.
Using the corner a sponge, I did the same application almost. however with the way that the corner sponge is shaped, it lets me do the sides of my nails.

Now that touch ups are done, I clean up around my nails & apply top coat. (=  

Second time I did this manicure
Second time I did this manicure

First time I did this manicure
First time I did this manicure

So what do you think of this manicure?

Nancy K. Brown Product Review

Hello readers !! (=
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! This weekend was a long weekend because on Monday it was Victoria Day which is a national holiday. So I spent some good quality time away from the computer & hung out with my husband & daughter practically the whole time playing outside.

Anyways to finish off the weekend & start the week right I figured now would be a good time to do my post on the products I received from a company called Nancy K. Brown. Now this company to me knows exactly what they're doing. The company started in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Which I must admit I love Canadian companies. The company is named after the founder & the company is cruelty free, vegan friendly, diabetic friendly & environmentally friendly. So right of the get go I loved this company. & Now that I have tried their products I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE PRODUCTS TO YOU!

So let me show you what they sent me & let you know what I thought about each product.

Items they sent me are:

Nancy K. Brown Aloe Vera Moisture Lotion & the Moisture/Beauty Gloves & the AvoCare - replenishing nail oil complex 
Now These three products together are amazing. They are like the Big & Carrie of Hand, cuticle & nail care. After I've removed my nail polish & am about to give myself a good manicure (Normally I will do this once a week), I will remove my polish, clean up my cuticles, reshape my nails etc. Once all of that is done I apply the Avocare nail oil complex to my cuticles & nails, apply the lotion & then put on the gloves. Now I am telling you that this is something you need to try. If you have seriously dry hands or just want that healthy, soft hydrated skin, knuckles, cuticles & nails, YOU NEED THESE ITEMS. This combination of products helped my skin tremendously. 

ProFinish Nail Preparer - oil residue remover
This Nail Preparer is fantastic. I used this for every manicure I do, whether it be a nail art manicure or just something more simple. If I want a good application & wearing power I find this helps out alot. To use this I apply it to my nails & whenever it dries I apply my base coat. Which normally takes about a minute or less. & What it does is it removes all the oil & residue that is on the nail which helps the basecoat adhere to the nails much better than it would without it.

Now for the top coats.

Chip Control Top Coat
Now this is a top coat which will help to prevent your polish from chipping which will allow you more time in between manicures. Now normally I will leave my manicures on for about a day or two. I used this top coat for manicures I didn't have to rush with & could keep on for a couple of days, & it held up pretty well. Yes of course if you are gonna scrubbing the floors/bathtub, gardening or doing a lot of dishes & have your hands  submerged underwater it will still chip, but then again any polish would.

ASAP 30 second polish dryer
Wow. Just Wow. I truly love this top coat. This top coat is by far one of the best top coats I have ever tried.  It would be one of my top 3 top coats. It dried fast, lasted a while, & was nice & glossy. The formula also applied wonderfully, it wasn't too thick or too thin. I would highly recommend this top coat to any of my friends ! 

Overall Review
Now from the beginning I had such a good feeling about this company. Even from checking out their website they seemed to know about how to properly take care of yourself. & I am not just referring to their nail products, I mean in general. They have a large range of skincare products, for your face, bust, hands, nails etc. So from the start to now I have nothing but love for this company! They have amazing products & everything about the company in general seems awesome! I would love if they started their own nail polish line !!

How do you feel about companies that are cruelty free, vegan friendly, diabetic friendly & environmentally friendly?
Would you consider purchasing from them?
What are your thoughts?

Darling Diva ACDC review

So first off I must extend my most sincerest apologies to Carrie, the creator or Darling Diva Polish. I truly am so sorry. I had thought that I already did & posted this review about a month or so ago. I clearly remember writing & assembling it however I can't find it at all in my previous posts. I really love these polishes so much, they are just so flippin beautiful. So I don't understand how I could just drop the ball like that. I feel really bad, but I am happy that I noticed & am posting it now. As they say better late then never, correct? Either way I feel terrible about it. & I hope you understand & forgive my mistake.
With all of that being said... lets get started.

OB = Over Black & 2C = 2 Coats (=
Dirty Deeds: This polish is a beautiful mix of holographic, & matte pink & purple glitters in a black base. Dirty Deeds is kind of hard to capture it's true beauty. & trust me if you think these pictures are beautiful it is a must that you see it in person! It truly is a NEED in everyones collection. & No I am not just saying this because I love purple. 

Thunderstruck: Thunderstruck is a seriously *&#!ing gorgeous polish! I love this one so much it's a bunch of different types of holographic glitter shapes in a black jelly base! This is another MUST HAVE seeing how gorgeous it is. & to be completely honest I have NOTHING like it in my collection.

T.N.T. Wow this polish is really something, it's so worthy of the name it has been given. Because it looks like burning ruble. Or when your sitting by the campfire & you hear it crackling & then you see a couple of sparks fly up looks just like that. It's so amazing how stunning this polish is. I dont even know how to explain the shimmer, it's like a yellow,  orange-redish, green shift glitter in a black jelly base. Truly Spectacular.

Overall Review
Ugh these polishes are amazing! They are all super unique & they all compliment each other very well.

If you would like to check out or even purchase any of these please go to

& if you would like to support Darling Diva Polish like their facebook page

Once again I would like to send out my most seceiest apologies to Carrie.