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My Reverse Glitter Gradient Application

Hey everyone, so... I love Reverse Glitter Gradient manicures more than any other manicure style. I guess you could call them my signature manicure style. For me it's the quickest, easiest, & one of the prettiest ways to do your nails. It's my go-to. I often get questions on how I do my glitter gradients, & I have only ever done them 1 way for the longest time. Since I've started blogging mainly I've done quite a few Reverse Glitter Gradients. So today I am going to show you just how I do Glitter Gradients. 

Products used (In order of use):
Nancy K - Pro Finish Nail Prep
Nutra Nail - Bullet-Proof Strength Base Coat
OPI - I Theodora You
Colores de Carol - Rainbow Garden
Nancy K - A.S.A.P. 30 second top coat

First thing I did was used Nancy K - Pro Finish Nail Prep, which removes all the oils that are on the nail, which allows the base coat to adhere to the nail.
 Applied Natali - Base coat.

Applied 3 coats of OPI - I Theodora You
Using Colores de Carol - Rainbow Garden,  completely wipe off all of the product on 1 side of the brush. Next start at the cuticle & apply the glitter polish. Once you have the amount of glitter near the cuticle that you like, using small stokes & slow apply some of the glitter polish towards the middle of the nail.
You can do a second coat of glitter if you wish.
Once finished I used my Nancy K - A.S.A.P 30 second top coat & thats it.

OPI - I Theodora You 3 Coats.

Here's a video I made of me doing the steps. Hope it helps ! 

& Here is a bunch of other "Reverse Glitter Gradients" I've done.

So what do you think of the way I do them? Do you do it differently? If so, how do you do it? Would you enjoy if I added more videos of me doing my manicures? OH! & also please let me know what you think of my blogs new look !