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Blogger Inspiration Recreation Challenge (=

Hey guys! So I'm in a group on facebook for people who love nail art & polishes. & we vote on a nail art, lots of ladies in the group participate & share their creations. It's really fun. So this weeks theme was to recreate a bloggers creation. So I decided on this.

PLEASE GO CHECK THIS BLOG OUT! So much gorgeous nail art !!
I really love this ! So I gave it a shot, & am pretty happy with the results. So Heres what I did & used:

I applied two coats of Essie Blanc as a base colour
then using OPI Pink Friday I wiped most of the product off the brush & made some circles.
Then I did the same using Essie Come Here.
Once dry I took a toothpick & made little C & curved shapes to outline & give the look of rose petals using Essie bottle service over OPI Pink Friday & Essence Fame Fatal over Essie Come Here.
After that I used a toothpick & took OPI Did It On Em & made little leaves. Using the other side of the toothpick I half fast applied tiny strokes of Essie Shake Your $$ Maker over the OPI Did It On Em.
Then applied a top coat (= 

So basically I recreated a manicure that was recreating another bloggers manicure.