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Sheer prettiness

Welcome ! Welcome !
I have should a beautiful manicure to show you. I used OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! China Glaze Techno & Revlon Stunning. & together they make such a stunning combination. I am on such a glitter & sheer kick. Man this manicure to me just screams out elegant simplicity.

Lately my sense in colour preference has been evolving & expanding. I am beginning to like pinks, reds & other warm colours. Also I am seriously beginning to fall in love with perfect sheer jelly polishes.
I am pretty sure this is 3 coats of OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu! then a thin glitter gradient with Revlon Stunning topped with China Glaze Techno.

& Check out what happened to my finger last Wednesday! Ouch. It was pretty bad in the beginning cause I didn't want to use acetone & it sting so I waited till it healed a litter bit first.