China Glaze Gradient

L-R China Glaze Deviantly Daring, Unpredictable
Heey Everyone ! Today I am really happy, because I have always had a hard time trying to do gradient manicures. On every blog I see their beautiful gradient manicures & they look so flawless. So I tried using different polishes, different techniques, then I tried a different sponge. I always tried using those make up applicator sponges, you know the wedge ones & ugh I could never get the gradient to blend well. So I must admit I gave up & earlier today I was in the bathroom looking for the extra sponges to clean & I seen how different the texture on the bathroom sponge was bigger. So I decided to get a new clean one & attempt it again, & I am so, so happy I did. This time the gradient faded. It was just so smooth the way it changed from Deviantly Daring to Unpredictable.

Here is a picture of what the sponge I used looked like.


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Acid Wash.

Hey night owls. <3
So I believe I've tried to do this about 3 times first time I attempted to do all 10 nails. Not something you should try to do if its your first time & you don't like lettings them dry completely between layers. So then I tried again & kept using to much pressure & then my nail bed would show. So I like this manicure but I can admit that I should practice more. 

BornPrettyStore Review

Hello everyone, I have a product review to show you guys today. I approached BornPrettyStore via email, asking how I go about doing a product review & getting a coupon code. I gave them all my social media links & Daisy the wonderful lady I spoke with emailed me back saying they would they I am able to do a product review so she let me pick something from the store to review, & I chose the "1 bag 2mm silver square stud rhinestone Acrylic UV Gel Nail art"

I am no way being paid to do this review. The opinion that I am about to express are my own. 

So I really really love the nail art studs, I always wanted them but never got them because I didn't think they would work well because the corners would stick up & get caught on things. However these ones are exactly the opposite of what I thought they would be like. As you may see in the picture above the back of the studs are curved. So they form around the nail much better then I thought they would. Over all I am very happy with this product. The studs cost 5.73$ & they ship for free world wide ! Which I love, I am a huge fan of free shipping especially since I live in Canada.
& Here a picture of them over China Glaze Stone Cold (=

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Snow White & The Huntsman's "Dark As The Forest"

Heey everyone! This is Universal Studio's Snow White & The Huntsman's "Dark As The Forest". It is a very very beautiful blue polish with specs of pink in it. You can see the pink specs very easily in person but they are slightly harder to capture on camera. Beautiful polish & fully opaque in two coats. They were available in Zellers in Canada, not sure if they were any where else. I am pretty sure they came out in July 2012 I am not 100% sure tho. (= 
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Revlon at Dollarama (=

Heey, check out what I found at my Dollarama! Revlon Real Nail Varnish Strips! They had I believe 4 or 5 other designs but I got Eye Candy! (= Which is a beautiful silver & purple glitter gradient.
They aren't my perfect polish but they would be nice if I went on a trip & didn't have my whole collection to do nail art. I enjoyed the look however I personally didn't like the feel of them, they felt a bit thick
Oh & Dollarama has revlon polishes such as scandal, popular etc. & also some Sally Hansen products & polishes.


Yay! Happy weekend everyone! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. I really wanted to do something purple. Then I thought to myself "Why not do a holographic manicure?" So once I decided what kind of manicure I wanted to do, I have the one problem many of us Polish Lovers have. I couldn't pick which one. lol They weren't necessarily lined up like so but it hit me. I should do a PURPLE HOLOGRAPHIC OMBRE manicure. 

I used 2 Luduranas, 2 Jades & 1 Colour club which the last one was a fail for this manicure. 
Ludurana - Esplendido (the silver, thumb) 
Ludurana - Supremo (the light purple, pointer finger)
Jade - Fascinio Violeta (the medium purple, middle finger) 
Color Club - Wild at heart (the dark purple, ring finger)
Jade - Magia ( the black on the pinky)

So the problem with the Color clubs - wild at heart, if you have it or seen swatches you know the holographic shine isn't like a normal holographic polish. It has a more orange holographicness I would call it. Its not a full on rainbow its just odd. So this left me in a weird spot for picture & it wasn't the look I pictured in my mind. To fix it all I did was use a very thin layer of Jade - Fascinio Violeta over top & Taaaa daaaa !
Enjoyy ! 

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Ladies meet my husband Jeremy, he's a goofball. <3 

Borealis Lizard. (=

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share a manicure with you. So today when I was looking at my nail racks I seen the Hits Borealis polish & noticed it looked like a glitter version of OPI Just Spotted the Lizard I put them side by side & oh my look at them. They look beautiful next to each other so I decided I wanted to do a manicure with Just Spotted the Lizard with Borealis as an accent nail. So I used one thing coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather, 1 good coat of Just Spotted the Lizard
Hope everyone has an awesome Friday & weekend !

Photos below are using Hard Candy's Matte Top Coat.

Silly Lily Polish

Hello, hello, hello!
Today I am coming to show everyone some beautiful beautiful glitter polishes. The wonderful Lily who is the Creator of Silly Lily Polish  & myself have talked & agreed upon me doing a review on 3 polishes of hers.
 Two of my choice RM (Rainbow Matte) Topcoat & Feelin' Hexy & then her best seller After the Storm. Shipping was really really fast she sent them Wednesday January 9th & I received them Monday January 12, that's a whole 3 business days & I live in Canada !
So when it arrived at my door step it came packaged in this cute little box I can reuse for a swap or something it's the perfect size. The polishes were completely safe surrounded by lots of packing peanuts & then wrapped individually in cute little colourful organza bags & in the Organza bags the polishes are wrapped in bubble wrap. 

Now all of these are in the same order from Left to Right
1 coat of Feelin' Hexy, After the Storm & Rainbow Matte Topcoat.
The first picture is the polishes on a clear swatch wheel with top coat (=
The second picture is them with a matte top coat.

 Left to Right
Feelin' Hexy, After the Storm & Rainbow Matte Topcoat.
The first picture is the polishes on two coats of China Glaze - White on White with top coat (=
The second picture is them with a matte top coat.

 Left to Right
Feelin' Hexy, After the Storm & Rainbow Matte Topcoat.
The first picture is the polishes on two coats of China Glaze - Liquid Leather with top coat (=
The second picture is them with a matte top coat.

 Left to Right
Feelin' Hexy, After the Storm & Rainbow Matte Topcoat.
The first picture is the polishes on two coats of Julep - Otte with top coat (=
The second picture is them with a matte top coat.

So over all review the owner is as sweet as can be, the shipping was super super fast. & the polishes themselves are amazing I love them all. They applied very easily you don't have to "fish" for the glitters & they pretty much all applied evenly. I really like them & in fact I think I am gonna have to get some others. I can't wait to use them to do some beautiful glitter gradients !

Check out her Etsy Shop:

Sadly about 3 days ago my middle finger on my photo/swatching hand got caught on something & it ripped the nail from the skin. Ohh man did it hurt & because I tried patching up my nail when ever the nail touched the skin it would hurt so I chopped it down. :( They looked terrible with them all uneven so I had to chop them all down. They haven't been this short since I stopped biting them a bit more then a year ago. :( Ugh it seriously kills me. They feel so weird. Any ways This is After the Storm over Ludurana - Ativa (=
This manicure really cheers me up after what happened to my middle finger.