All 5 nails have two coats of OPI - OPI INK & on the pointer & ring finger theres 1 coat of MAX FACTOR - FANTASY FIRE

Yess i went a little picture crazy but i couldn't help it i wanted you to see how beautiful it looks in person. & even then they dont really do it justice. I lovee this combo. (=

Cupcake & Fishtail braid


So today I thought I would do something fun & interesting! 
& I've never done a fishtail braid before so i gave it a shot. (=
Heres the picture I used. 

Also this is not my picture, here is the pictures owner & their blog

I really enjoyed doing this it was easier then I thought & my nails look pretttyy yay! 

Inglot "202" VS. Essie "Shine of the Times"

Hello Polish Addicts (=
Today I have a find to share, the other day while I was in Shoppers Drug Mart (I ALWAYS check the clearance bin & shelves) I came across a bunch of Essie "Shine of the Times" Polishes on clearance for 4.00$. Of course I had to pick it up to add it to my collection & when I got home I shared the news with a facebook group for polish addicts that I am involved in. And you will never believe what I was told Essie is discontinuing "Shine of the Times"!!! So if I were you I run & pick up a one or a back up even. I picked up another one today. ANYWAYS... me & my rambling... So when I got home I painted all my nails black & swatched all 9 flakies I own to see if I have any dupes. & wouldn't you know it I did, well of course you'd know that's why your here because I found a dupe. LOL. 
So here it is...
INGLOT in "# 202"   VS.   ESSIE in "SHINE OF THE TIMES" 

Their identical in appearance same flakie size & their both super this & easy to apply. wait for it.... 
 wait for it.... 

There is just THREE THINGS that are DIFFERENT .

#1 Quantity: Inglot contains 8 ml (Which is the full size) VS. Essie contains 13.5 ml
#2 Price: Inglot costs 10.00$ VS. Essie 10.99$
#3 Availability: Inglot is much much harder to get VS. Essie available at Drug stores & Walmart ect.  

So from looking at the comparisons I believe Essie "Shine of the Times" takes the win. However you might want to pick yours up A.S.A.P before it gone.