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Floral Unicorn Nail Art

Hey loverlies, I hope you're all doing fantastic. I've been working on my backyard a lot lately. It's been my main focus, & now that it's about half way done, I can't even do anything for another week or so. Which means I can productively use that time & put up a blog post!
Floral Unicorn
Floral Unicorn

New changes that'll be taking place this year.

Hello lovies,
This is a bit of a bigger year for my blog. In August I have the opportunity to renew or change my domain name. & I'm planning on changing it. It's been 4 years as IntensePolishTherapy, & even tho I started out as a nail polish blog, & kept it that way for the first year or two. I expanded to makeup, skin care, & other beauty related & non beauty related items in the past two years. So I would love to have a more general name.

Another huge change I'll be making is I'm hoping to bring on one or two members that'll also be writing posts, which will help the blog to continuously have content even when I'm busy focusing on my garden or just get in those ruts where I barely blog. I do feel like this is a very positive change that'll only improve the blog as well as the content.

Thank you so much to all my readers who've stuck with me for so long, I genuinely appreciate it.

Yours Truly,
Anita xo

Indie Expo Canada 2017

Hello beauties!!
Today I just wanted to let everyone know that I was given a press pass to an extremely awesome event being held in Toronto, Ontario. It's Indie Expo Canada 2017!! This is it's first year, so I'm very honoured to be attending, as well as meeting some of the brand owners I've worked with in the past, as well as meeting new people & other bloggers/press members!!